Youth Rugby


The Minis section is the foundation that Gibraltar Rugby is building its long term players strategy on. This section oversees the organisation of the Mini leagues overseeing the 4 clubs competing in a number of small sided games. The emphasis of this section is about having FUN and developing the FUNdementals of playing Rugby. The Mini section has become increasingly popular and is recognised not only for developing children’s motor skills and fitness but also teaching them basic life skills like communication, team play, respect for the officials all within a fun environment. None of this would have developed were it not for the time and effort that parents/guardians and volunteers have injected in to this section of the GRFU. This has been the key to the minis success and will remain the cornerstone for future success. Today the Minis section has grown in numbers to around 100 registered players (and rising). Training takes place at Devils Tower Camp on Sunday mornings (10am to 12pm) for the time being with weekly sessions available for the older groups. Come down and join us and try it out for yourself! If interested


Gibraltar mini and junior rugby operates on school years i.e. from September to August. However, in Gibraltar the age groups over lap 2 school years

Mini Section
School yr Reception
School yr 1 – yr 2
School yr 3 – yr 4
School yr 5
School yr 6 – yr 7
Junior Section
School yr 8 – yr 9
School yr 10 – yr 11
School yr 12– yr 13

Tag Rugby is played from reception to year 4 and is a safe introduction to our great game. Year 5 sees players being introduced to contact rugby taught by our IRB level one qualified coaches. All age groups have their own dedicated coaches with each team being lead by an IRB level 1 coach.


Interested in Touring? Mini clubs travel to Spain, Portugal and the UK to develop links with the international rugby family. However, nothing makes us more in happy than hosting touring sides and, if interested.


The Youth Section fulfills an important role within the GRFU structure. Catering for players between the ages of 13 to 18, it aims to develop young rugby players, encouraging and assisting them to fulfill their potential, not just as Rugby players, but also as people. Apart from the specific aims set out below, the Youth Section is the nursery that will feed players into both the Super IV leagues and, hopefully, the National Squad. Some of the key aims within the Youth Section are:

  • Develop and build skills, technical ability, understanding of the laws and tactical knowledge;
  • Develop and build the disciplinary and social aspects of the game;
  • Instill the fact that they are an integral part of the GRFU development;
  • Introduce the players to new experiences by playing against non-Gibraltar teams;
  • Monitor players abilities and physical growth in order to assist their individual development.

Gibraltar Rugby have created a sustainable working partnership with Bayside School. This partnership is vital as Bayside is the only boy’s high school, on the Rock, 95% of rugby players in the junior age groups will be students at Bayside, meaning the school is our primary target for increasing junior participation in Gibraltar.

The partnership will allow a direct pathway for players to begin rugby at school and then continue to develop their rugby within the Gibraltar Rugby structure. With the development of a school team at Bayside, this will allow players to represent their school and also play competitive rugby fixtures against schools from outside Gibraltar.

Currently Gibraltar Rugby with the assistance of Kim Oliver our Rugby Development Officer runs a weekly after school club. Gibraltar Rugby are focusing on the extra-curricular sessions at the moment with a view to rugby being a key area of the school’s curriculum in the future.


The Devil’s Tower Camp, on Devil’s Tower Road is the venue for all training of all clubs and sections in Gibraltar.

Access to the Camp is strictly on a pre-authorisation basis only. To access the Camp you have to be a registered member of the GRFU, to register as a playing or social member


Tuesday & Thursday Training

Tuesday and Thursday training sessions for all age groups, from year 5 up (5.30pm to 7.30pm) at Devils Tower Camp

Sunday Training

Sunday training sessions for all ages groups (10am to 12pm) at Devils Tower Camp