Official Statement Regarding Europa

Official Statement Regarding: “Concerns over use of Europa persist as Rugby approaches Inaugural weekend” piece in the Gibraltar Chronicle, 6th August, 2019.


The above-mentioned article ( has been brought to our attention as there are a number of inaccuracies which lead the reader to believe that Gibraltar Rugby, the GRFU or one of its executives have raised concerns or made complaints about the development of the new facility at Europa Point.

To clarify:

  1. As much as some of the markings are down on the surface at Europa, the facility is not yet complete with the rest of the pitch surface having only been laid in the last two weeks following the end of the Island Games. The “crumb” that these surfaces require is still being laid, and as such, the pitch area is still a working construction site and therefore not in use.
  2. The Summer Camp, in association with Harlequins Rugby, was always planned to go ahead at Victoria Stadium, as a part of the GSLA Summer Sports and Leisure Programme 2019 (
  3. Gibraltar Rugby has always understood, during the multitude of discussions with both GJBS and HMGoG, that the facility at Europa would not be handed over for use by any of the various sporting associations to be housed there, until after the National Week activities scheduled to be held at Europa.
  4. There are no concerns at all regarding insurance cover for any of our players, in any age range, regardless of the facility on which they are participating. To suggest so has raised severe concerns with players and parents which are totally unfounded.
  5. Gibraltar Rugby is working closely with all interested parties in regard to the new facility at Europa, as well as all other sporting facilities in Gibraltar, to ensure that all sports continue to grow and thrive locally.
  6. Whilst the use of Devil’s Tower Camp’s facility was unavoidable last season, Gibraltar Rugby was, and remains, very grateful to the staff, management and other members of the MOD that made it possible for rugby to continue to be played in Gibraltar during the 2018/2019 season.

Gibraltar Rugby would also like to take this opportunity to thank HMGoG, GJBS plus all of our sponsors for their continued support of Rugby in Gibraltar, as we look forward to welcoming one and all at the facility on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of September, 2019, for our inaugural weekend.