Ibex Buccaneers RFC

buccsOne of the founding teams of the John Smith’s Super IVs League the Ibex Buccaneers RFC were arguably the first team to develop a strong playing style and ethos across the club. With a focus on using experienced players to nurture younger talent, by giving priority to youth and focusing on team training and teamwork the Buccaneers have built a reputation of constantly punching above their weight. The first ever winners of both the Super IV league and the Super IV Cup, the team strives to play fairly and put rugby first. Always keen to attract talent, the Buccaneers have brought back to the game many of the missing generation of players and have constantly put good quality players forward for national Team selection.

On the field the Buccaneers will always turn out a good quality team, who play with passion and skill. Off the field the Buccaneers were the first team to develop a club atmosphere with regular meet ups and social events.

The Buccaneers ethos is strength through development, regardless of age. The Buccaneers have won the Super IV League in 3 out of 7 Seasons and won the Super IV Cup 1 out of the 5 competitions held so far. During the early years where they have been beaten, the Buccaneers constantly came second in both the League and Cup. They have only failed to make 1 Cup final and although going through a period of change having finished bottom of the league this year the future is promising for the Buccs as they look to build on past success!

One point of trivia is that the team have had 4 Father and Son combinations playing in the same game, a remarkable achievement looking at the age gap and highlights that everyone no matter what age or standard has a role to play in the club.

Contact: buccaneers.rugby@gibraltarrfu.com



Ibex Buccaneers RFC


James Russo

Back Row / Half Back