Super IVs By-Laws

Super IV By-Laws


The Super IVs League is set up on a franchise basis, where teams agree to become signatories of the GRFU constitution, and upheld by the Super IVs League Committee. This constitution is one shared between all participating teams of the Super IVs.

2.The Committee:
  1. The Super IVs League Committee will consist of a representative from each of the Super IVs teams along with the Super IV Manager, the Super IV Chairman and a member of the GRFU Executive
  2. The Super IV chairman is appointed by the GRFU on an ongoing basis. The Super IV manager is appointed by the Super IV Committee for a period of two years and can be affiliated to a club
  3. The GRFU Executive member will act as Vice-Chairman and have the ability to chair the meeting on the condition that the SIV Chairman is unavailable

The Super IVs League Committee will meet at the commencement of the league season to discuss the organisation of the Super IVs and may convene, with the consent of all other committee members on other occasions throughout the league season.

  1. Prior to the commencement of the league season the Super IVs League Committee must discuss and agree a fixture list in conjunction with the Director of Rugby and National Team Manager
  2. The Super IVs League Committee is responsible for ensuring all members and officials are suitably insured
  3. Changes to the GRFU constitution, proposed by the Super IVs League Committee, will need to be discussed at the following GRFU meeting for amendment, or proposed at the GRFU Annual General Meeting
  1. All Super IV Teams must hold an AGM, prior to the convening of the respective season. At this meeting they must appoint, as a minimum, a Team Chairman, Coach and Manager. The team captain may be one of these individuals or an additional appointment
  2. The Super IV Teams will participate in the annual Player Drafting process, in accordance with the Player Drafting Procedures
4.Team Membership:
  1. Any application for membership of a new team will need to be formally submitted in writing to the Super IVs Committee for review. If supported this application has to be ratified by GRFU Executive prior to inclusion
  2. Applications for membership will only be reviewed prior to the commencement of each season
  3. All teams accepted for membership will be expected to uphold the GRFU constitution and the laws of the game as defined by the IRB
  4. Teams are required to adhere to the Super IV By-Laws or face sanction, which may lead to the withdrawal of the team from the league if ratified by all other Super IVs League Committee members. Reasons for withdrawal of membership may include but are not restricted to:
    • Bringing the game of rugby football union into disrepute
    • Repeated failure to meet league fixture commitments
    • Failing to uphold the Super IVs Constitution and bye-laws
    • Failing to uphold the principles of rugby
    • Failing to ensure the safety of all players, officials and spectators of the game
  5. Once permanently withdrawn, membership of the Super IVs cannot be reinstated. A new membership application would need to be submitted
5.Player Membership:
  1. All Super IV players must be registered to their team through the GRFU and have completed the necessary forms
  2. All annual dues are payable to the GRFU at the start of the Season
  3. It is the responsibility of each team’s management to ensure compliance with these requirements
  4. Players can only be registered to one team
  5. Each team may carry out their own recruitment throughout the season, and are encouraged to attract and register new players
  6. Existing players, with the exception of those involved in the Player Draft, cannot move between Clubs, without prior consent from both Club chairmen
  7. All players accepted for membership will be expected to uphold the GRFU constitution, the GRFU Code of Conduct and the laws of the game as defined by the IRB under the GRFU umbrella
  8. Membership of a Super IV team may be withdrawn if ratified by the Super IVs disciplinary committee or a GRFU disciplinary committee
6.Playing Season:
  1. The Super IVs League will consist of at least nine fixtures each season between all teams. All fixtures will be played in Gibraltar. The team with the most points after Round 9 will be crowned Champions of the Super IVs League
  2. All Super IV League games will have a designated Home and Away team
  3. The Super IVs League Committee will arrange for match officials (minimum IRB Level 1), first aid facilities and the filing of the match report
  4. The Super IVs Cup will take place once the League has finished. For the Cup first round, the team which tops the Super IVs table after the final round of matches will automatically play the club that finishes fourth. The club that finishes second will play against the team that finishes third. The winning teams will meet in the SIV Cup Final and the two losing teams will face each other for the third place play off
  1. Fixtures are arranged to take place on Thursday evenings at Victoria Stadium, in accordance with the fixture list agreed at the beginning of each season
  2. League points will be awarded on the following basis:
    • 4 points will be awarded for a win
    • 2 points will be awarded for a draw
  3. Bonus points will be awarded in a game under the following circumstances:
    • 1 Bonus point will be awarded for any team scoring four or more tries in a game
    • 1 Bonus point will be awarded if the game is lost by 7 points or less
  4. Failure to fulfill a fixture will result in the game being forfeited with the opposing team being awarded the match, by a score of 20-0, and 4 points for a win. No bonus points will be awarded
  5. The team forfeiting the match will be penalised 1 point which will be deducted from their League points total
  6. Repeated violations will be reviewed by the Super IVs League Committee and may lead to loss of membership
  7. Super IV Teams are permitted to reschedule fixtures as long as both team managers are in agreement and notification in writing (email or text is sufficient) is provided to the Super IVs League Committee 48 hours prior to the fixture
  8. Rescheduled fixtures must be played within 30 days of the original fixture date and no later than the last league game of the season unless consented by all members of the Super IVs League Committee
  9. Matches may be rescheduled without prior notification to the Super IVs League Committee if the availability of the ground is withdrawn outside of the control of the teams or on the grounds of safety if agreed by the match official
  10. Any rescheduling off this nature needs to be informed in writing to the Super IVs League Committee
  11. Any disciplinary matter raised by a match official to the Super IVs League Committee will be referred to the GRFU Disciplinary Committee for resolution